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#BTHG-250X Hydrogel Tape - 2" x 50ft w/Extended Liners
BTHG-250X Hydrogel is the same formula as our other BTHG-Hydrogel products but we have enhanced it by replacing the standard "blue & clear" liners with our extended liner system.

This system is a specially designed 3" wide clear protective poly liner that is applied to both sides of 2" wide BTHG-Hydrogel.

  • Ease of Application: In both charge construction and application to target. No more picking at the edges to remove the liners
  • Easier handling & storage: No more sticky edges when you set the roll down! (if you've used it, you know what we mean!)
  • Better Longevity: The extended liners help reduce oxidation of the adhesive.
  • Less waste: Our shorter 50ft rolls are more likely to be used up before its shelf life expires.

#BTHG-Hydrogel is a complimentary product to our BT30 & BT60 Breachers Tape's.
It provides excellent "quick grab" as well as re-stick capabilities on a wide variety of surfaces in all conditions including Wet & Cold environments.

Recommendation; Given the wide variety of surfaces/conditions encountered, we recommend a roll of Breachers Tape (BT30 or BT60) & BTHG-Hydrogel Tape as essential components of every breaching kit.

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