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#BTHG-250X Hydrogel Tape - 2" x 50ft w/Extended Liners
BTHG-250X Hydrogel is the same formula as our other Hydrogel products but we have enhanced it by replacing the standard "blue & clear" liners with our extended liner system.

This system is a specially designed clear protective poly liner that is applied to both sides of the adhesive.

  • Ease of Application: In both charge construction and application to target. No more picking at the edges to remove the liners
  • Easier handling & storage: No more sticky edges when you set the roll down! (if you've used it, you know what we mean!)
  • Better Longevity: The extended liners help reduce oxidation of the adhesive.
  • Less waste: Our shorter 50ft rolls are more likely to be used up before its shelf life expires.

Hydrogel was originally developed for the medical and biotech industries. Hydrogel is an amazingly versatile co-polymer adhesive.

Given the wide variety of surfaces/conditions encountered, we recommend a roll of Breachers Tape (BT30 or BT60) & Hydrogel Tape be essential components of every breaching kit.

Hydrogel is a complimentary product to our BT30 & BT60 Breachers Tape's and has been proven to work in a wide variety of environments including wet and cold.

Made to order item. ***Call or email for availability & lead times.***